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Brian Chow
(617) 947-9564

Band Bio

Indie. Surf. Punk. Country.... Welcome to the Chimp Simple Experience.

CHIMP SIMPLE isn't run-of-the-mill top-40 that you can see coming from a mile away... the band is indie-pop's version of jungle juice - who knows what the hell is in it, but it tastes good and it will knock you on your arse. The band infuses rock with the best parts of their motley influences, ranging from Dick Dale's reverb soaked guitar tones and Cake's tasty trumpet licks to Duane Allman's sweet slide and Cheap Trick's bombast. They are particularly well known for their sarcastic and bittersweet lyrics, reminiscent of Elvis Costello and Cracker. And with a hijinks-laden live show perfect for anyone who forgot to take their Ritalin this morning, you have to check them out. Everybody else is doing it. It'll make you feel good.

The band's roots are surprisingly in the S.F. Bay Area blues scene. Band members Jacob Eisenstein (bass, trumpet, vocals) and David Merrill (guitar, vocals) were sidemen in the Hep Blues Quartet in the late 90's when they met Brian Chow (guitar, vocals), who was with the 12-piece big-band, Sinister Dexter. In 2004, they all ended up in Boston, where they hooked up with Rodney Daughtrey (drums), and immediately began writing their catalog of eclectic originals, and playing some of the Northeast's premiere venues.

Their first self-produced EP, Ready for Anything, includes fan favorites Fifty-first State and the Squeeze-inspired Been So Blind, the latter showcasing Dave Merrill's surf guitar prowess. It also includes the "country meets rock-en-espaņol" song Ten Stories and Anti-Personal, a soulful tune with guitar work that pays homage to the Pixies.

For more info on the band, visit the website: http://www.chimpsimple.com

Released September 2005

Copyright © 2005 Chimp Simple. All rights reserved.