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Brian Chow
(617) 947-9564

Member Bios

Brian Chow is a life-long fan of SRV, Stevie Wonder, and Guinness Beer. His amp goes to 12, and his playing has often been described as "I think the guitarist is drunk." Destined for a life of depression (as a Philly sports fan), he found great solace during his childhood plotting to be the next-next-Hendrix until he realized he couldn't grow an afro. Undeterred by the minor setback, he still brings this musical message to the world: "Van Halen, damnit, not Van Hagar!". And yes, the lesbian ex-girlfriend song is true.
Banging on animal skins with sticks since 1988, Rodney Daughtrey began playing with Chimp Simple in 2004. He's best known within the band for his hmm-let's-see-if-this-lick-fits-here drumming style, unbelievably bad luck with vending machines, and his Fresh Killed Chicken T-shirt. When not drumming, Rodney drinks more orange juice than a primate probably should, enabling him to build movie theatres on tops of buildings, build skating rinks in his backyard, and mount attempts to play all of the disc golf courses in Massachusetts in a single day.

A fast driver and slow learner, Jacob Eisenstein's love for rock and roll is matched only by his passion for Anna's burritos and Canadian beer. Having learned the craft of song writing at the school of hard knocks in suburban New Jersey, Jacob is on a one-man crusade to make the world safe for songs about Alfred Hitchcock plot devices. SPIN magazine has characterized his bass playing style as "Ow, I think my kidneys are bleeding."

David Merrill was born in a strawberry field in Watsonville, CA. Emerging from his mother's womb with a tiny guitar, and speaking broken Spanish, he soon cultivated a deep love of stadium rock and ceviche. Several years and several rock bands later, Merrill plays electric guitar, egg-shaker and vibraslap for Chimp Simple. Taking inspiration from Boston's rocker/inventor Tom Scholz, Merrill is also the band's leading electronics expert, having built his foot-pedal-switcher-board-thing from scratch.

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