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"This is horrible.
I want to kill this guy.
This song sucks now..
it sucks when he does it."
Mike Peterson - on Larry Carlton's version of "Sleepwalk" 

"$%^& that guy.
I want to get his phone number so I can call him up
right now and say '#&$% you.'"

Mark Ganek - regarding Larry Carlton's version of "Sleepwalk"  

"That song was playing in the car after my high school graduation.
I love that song."

Sheila Peterson - regarding Santo & Johnny's "Sleepwalk"

"Well, it's better than no PA."

Dave Chisholm - regarding our magnificent Rogue PA system. 

"I love the look Mike gets on his face when he plays.  It looks like
he's getting kicked in the ass!"

Jenn Chou - regarding Mike

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